So I was all set to move into my new house on Tuesday next. That’s… 4 days from now. I have never lived alone, and this new house is pretty isolated and needs a lot of work done to it. It’s a 2-3 hour drive from my current house, and I can only move one van’s worth of stuff at a time, which means I’ll be setting up with a skeleton crew of posessions and working from there. I was totally cool with all of this. Adventure! Extreme frugality! Necessary hardship! Awesome.

except NOW, my VAN, my one and only awesome perfect van that was to carry me forth to this new amazing house… is back at the mechanics with possibly a moderate to biggish problem and it might not even be available on Tuesday to move me and my dog and my kitties and my skeleton crew of stuff to this new amazing house that needs so much work done asap.


BUt!!! I am sure it will all work out for the best. For my favourite and my best. And whether I manage to move in on Tuesday or not, I have a house, and it’s the coolest house in town. Except its not in a town. But you know what I mean.

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I found a house. It is very awesome.

I suck at blogging. This is true.

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Soap Making Adventurez

Today I made soap!! It was much excitement. I’ve been wanting to do it for ages – you know, proper soap made from oil and lye, but it sounded so complicated and hard and actually hey! It is not hard at all. Requires a bit of organisation and remembering, which is not my forte, but I managed splendidly. I invited my mother over to help for moral support because she’s been wanting to make soap for ages too but thought it sounded too hard and complicated. So I figured we both may as well get the first batch out of the way together so we can go on to make soap ourselves for the rest of our natural lives.

We did take pictures but my mother has them so… no pictures for you. You can pretend there are some here though. i looked extremely doofusy with giant goggles on if that helps your imagination any.

And soap is SO CUTE!!! wowsers. I had an inkling it would be but of course the Real Deal is always more exciting. Tomorrow I think i can turn it out of the mould… or maybe the next day. Should probably look that up. I’ve read conflicting advice though. Lots of that about. Then I can SLICE it and set it to CURE and I will have MAGIC FAERIE SOAP. Of awesomeness.

And now i must go and make deliciousness in my kitchen, with almonds and coconut and dates and a speedily whirring blade.

ETA Picturez!!

Studiously measuring the H2O

My mother mixing the soon-to-be soap

Stylish soapmaking... dig the slippers

Pouring into the fancy mould

So there you go! I am genius, and apparently somewhat dorky at home. now you know.

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Still househunting, still dramatically crushed when it turns out not to be “the one”… I told myself driving home yesterday, from looking at one that turned out to be No Good although it looked So Promising – that I would stop looking for a little while, because it was too disappointing when it turned out to be unsuitable after I’d just driven a 4-5 hour round trip to see it. So i said to myself, I said, “Lee, look here. This is too hard. lets put the brakes on actually driving to see houses for a while, and just keep looking online in case something obviously wonderful pops up. meanwhile, keep saving money while you’re living in free accommodation.”

“well lee, that sounds like a mighty fine, sensible plan” I rpelied to myself. “we shall indeed do that, and it will be easy because I am so SOOOO disappointed by this week’s failure to find a house that I feel we will Never Find A House and there are No Suitable Houses Anywhere.”

And this morning, I am re-excited by a 9 acre property that might be The One. Like, it really really might be! it’s so much better than all the other ones I have seen!! (except the first original faerie house that got away that i shall forever be sad about not getting) It has POTENTIAL! Lets go see it!! haha. When I am disappointed, it is harsh and dramatic but it only lasts until the next “ooh! ooh!” possibility pops up. Wheupon I become ludicrously excited and SURE that THIS TIME it will definitely happen! Whereupon it doesn’t and I am crushed, breidly, then madly excited again, and so on. It makes life interesting.

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There’s so much to do.
So much plastic in the ocean. So many animals dying alone. So many people starving. So many creatures scared and hungry and unloved on a polluted planet.

I know there is goodness enough in the human race to heal it ALL, and I have to believe that eventually we will – or at least stop harming so that things can heal themselves.

But oh, once you start actually looking directly at the things that need fixing… it’s hard to stay positive about it. There’s so MUCH damage.

I will do what I can do. And try to stay hopeful.

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Cats again

So I’m all discouraged now because the perfect faerie house is apparently not for me after all. Or at least, not right now. Le sigh. It was the sweetest little house too. But I’m sure there are other sweet perfect little houses out there too, and I should probably just be patient and wait until one turns up. I would be perfectly happy to wait until one turned up, actually, except for my cats, who right now live at my sisters house, outdoors in a cat run which is only partly undercover – and consequently as we are heading into winter time I am feeling more and more quilty and horrible about not being able to provide them a safe warm cosy place to live. I suck at cat ownership. Sigh.

Which is why I am so impatient to get my own house, because then A) i can be WITH my cats, whom I miss terribly, and B) they will be indoors and warm and out of the way of thunderstorms. One of them is very nervy, and I feel especially bad because i know she HATES thunder. So I would really REALLY like to be with them in my own place before winter really gets its groove on.

*missing her kitties*

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Of emus and chokos

And hey! I totally thought putting a photo in would be hard and it isn’t. Huh. All that time spent being discouraged for nothing. Okay, I shall post some more. I’m sure I have SOMEthing on my camera card… wherever that is… in the meantime, here are some emus we met in a paddock on a drive down south. I parked the van in a little pullout off the main road to stretch our legs and 60 seconds later I spot the emus running across the paddock to say hello.

And in other news, if you are making mashed potatoes and then realise that you actually don’t have that many potatoes, and the resulting mash will be sad and pathetic and definitely not enough for two – you can add chokos and they mash in quite sneakily. And if you get the chokos free (which is failry easy to do if you know anybody at all with a vine) then it counts as frugal too. Frugally delicious.

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