How old are you?

Old enough. 😛

Why don’t you have your license yet?

Up until now, I haven’t been capable of passing the practical test, due to anxiety being around and performing in front of people, and the fact that the driving assessor is almost certain to a be a person. I’ve been doing lots of mental work in the past few years though and I feel like now I might be able to do the test and pass, even if it does cause me stress.

Is that why you also have never gone anywhere or done anything?

Pretty much. Yep. I’ve never lived alone, travelled alone, been out my homestate (I’ve barely been out of my hometown – heck, I’ve barely been out of my HOUSE) or done anything solely for me, to see who *I* was. It’s time to do that.

Are you really a faerie?

Yes. Well, I’m a faerie in human form. I came from the faerie world (which is very far from and very close to this one) to live as a human for a human lifetime. I find humans confusing and difficult to be around, but I love them dearly all the same.

Can I meet you in person?

Probably not. Due to the me-being-terrified-of-meeting-people thing.

But I’m not scary!

A lot of people say this to me. Trust me on this. You may not be scary in general, but I personally, am scared of you. It doesn’t matter if you are kind or gentle or friendly. I find friendliness very scary sometimes. That’s just how I roll.


Aren’t you married?

Well, technically yes. I’m married. I have a husband. But I don’t live a married life, in a traditional sense. I have a boyfriend. My husband and my boyfriend know about each other. They’ve met. Everybody’s okay with the arrangement. Right now the real issue is me recovering myself – working through my anxiety and fears, trying to stay away from depression and learning to enjoy myself just as I am. Consequently both of my relationships are somewhat non-traditional, as I go on adventures and hide in my cave and do what I need to do to discover my wings again. Who knows where we’ll all end up? The Universe does. I haven’t a clue, but I bet it will be awesome.

Why would you want to live in a van anyway?

Lots of reasons. It sounds fun. I can have my own small space to decorate as I want, without having the space to gather too many posessions. With my anxiety I can’t really have a fulltime regular job, so paying to rent or buy my own house right now is not an option. I want to live alone for a bit to see what it’s like, and living in a van seems like the cheapest way I can do that. I could travel in a car and camp, or stay at motels/cabins – but sometimes, on a bad day, not matter how much I may NEED to go talk to someone (to find a place to sleep, for example, or check into a campground) I can’t do it. I physically cannot make myself do it. So this gives me a backup – sleeping unobtrusively in my van, instead of being cramped up in my car because I can’t ask someone if I can set up a tent.  Plus I think always being near my home (even if it is in a van) will be soothing as I go out on new scary adventures. Had a scary day talking to scary friendly people? 5000 kilometres away from my sticks and bricks house? No worries. I still have my own personal bed to curl up in with my own personal dog and my own personal tiny kitchen to brew some calming tea – all of this in the middle of a strange new town where I’ve never been before.


Are these actually questions people have asked you?

Nope. I just wanted to write a FAQ.

Couldn’t you have been more concise?

No. I don’t think I have that in my character. Conciseness doesn’t become me. Loquacity? That’s more my style. In fact, sporadic unbridled irrational loquacity is my middle name.


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