Life is so weird, and I am so blessed. 

The girl who never thought she’d have friends OR be able to live on her own, is all grown up and a) living on her own in an awesome place and b) blessed with truly one of the greatest friends she has ever even imagined. 

Life’s good. 

Which doesn’t stop me being confused and lost, occasionally, of course – but that’s nothing new, and at least now I have a) the safe space to recharge myself in, and b) an amazingly supportive, comfortable friend to talk to. 

High five, folks. High five indeed.


About Free Faerie

I'm a faerie living in human form for this lifetime. I find humans confusing and difficult to be around, but I love them dearly all the same. I'm working towards buying a van to live in and have adventures with my dog Moose. I dance. I paint. I follow the moon.
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One Response to Friend

  1. sb says:

    A high five with a fist bump thrown in for good measure! So pleased to hear happiness 🙂

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