Out in the wilds with no internetz

Phew. Hardly time ever to post anything on here. It’s amazing how little time there is to blog when you only have access to the internet for mere hours a month, and also, when I procrastinate until the very last minute and then have to leave to drive ome and oops, forgot to blog anything. Oh well. I might have internet at my new house in the next few months and that would give me more time, but might also lessen my productivity level. Or improve it, so’s I can blog about my busy days. Hm. Toss up.

Anyway. After that waste of a perfectly good blog post, I am going to bed.



About Free Faerie

I'm a faerie living in human form for this lifetime. I find humans confusing and difficult to be around, but I love them dearly all the same. I'm working towards buying a van to live in and have adventures with my dog Moose. I dance. I paint. I follow the moon.
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