Like a fox, i tell you.

Life’s good. Although the human factors are difficult. Have had someone staying for a week, which was lovely, for a bit, but eventually involved Serious Conversation, at which I sometimes suck completely, so… hmm. Toss up as to whether the visit went well or not. Back on my own for the next two weeks which I am really looking forward to.

Well, not completely on my own

**okay i tried to add a picture of my dog being SO CUTE here but it won’t let me so… meh. Use your imaginaaaaaation.**

In other, EXCELLENT news, I have my first stone fruit of the season – a peach, only just formed in the flower casing, but I can tell it’s a peach cause of the fuzz. All the other fruit trees (minus citrus and loquat) are still bare and dormant so this one flowering enthusiastically makes me smile SO BIG. I tell you, I am a complete utter dork about my garden. I can walk around grinning for hours at dirt and silverbeet and bits of wood that might be Potential Garden Edging. Good times. I might not paint the town red but I will grow this garden green, folks. Green like a fox.


About Free Faerie

I'm a faerie living in human form for this lifetime. I find humans confusing and difficult to be around, but I love them dearly all the same. I'm working towards buying a van to live in and have adventures with my dog Moose. I dance. I paint. I follow the moon.
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