I’m back!

Just for a visit, seeing as I have a NEW HOUSE so this one isn’t home anymore. It still has the internetz though. Which my new house/home does not have. So. While I am here I thought I’d best update my adoring fans who will no doubt have been oh so worried about me stuck out in the middle of the forest all on my lonesome.

Conclusion: My new house is awesome. But you probably knew that already. EXCEPT for possums (I HOPE it’s a possum) that bangs and scrapes on the front door at 2am on my third night there and scared the bejeebers out of me. Since then it has contented itself with stamping angrily through the roof on occasion, and beating on bits of metal outside my bedroom window. It does not sound like a friendly possum/unidentified creature. But it is at least nto an axe murderer, so I am counting my blessings. Of which I have SO MANY. Birds being one. So many wee little wren birds being curious and friendly all about my garden. Rabbits being another. Lolloping about all over the place looking cute and staying entirely away from my vegetable garden.

My cupboards are awesome too, although a walk-in pantry would have been MORE awesome… onde day I will live in a house with a walk-in pantry. In the meantime,

makes me very happy.


About Free Faerie

I'm a faerie living in human form for this lifetime. I find humans confusing and difficult to be around, but I love them dearly all the same. I'm working towards buying a van to live in and have adventures with my dog Moose. I dance. I paint. I follow the moon.
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