One blog, two blogs, three blogs, four…

I’ve been working on a new blog. It’s going to be my “good” blog, you know, with pictures and informative posts and not so much personal expression. One that my mother can read 😀 Because she keeps asking me when I’m going to get a blog and i don’t have the heart to tell her I’ve had one for years but no way will she ever be allowed into my private headspace. Solution: Make a public space. Okay done.

Trouble is, now I have to be entertaining, and well written and use proper grammar and everything. It is So Much Effortz, because of course I second guess myself every single post and then usually don’t post it because it’s not Good Enough and so on. But anyway. My New House Adventures In Independence and Extreme Economy will he fascinating, I know, and possibly actually helpful to people who aren’t so rabidly frugal as I am so… I will persist. I will wait until it looks less like a half hearted hodgepodge of 2 or 3 posts before I let anybody see the link. Once I have like 6 or so half hearted hodgepodgy posts… that shoulds do it.

And then you can see my boring practical side. Ha. Alas for you.


About Free Faerie

I'm a faerie living in human form for this lifetime. I find humans confusing and difficult to be around, but I love them dearly all the same. I'm working towards buying a van to live in and have adventures with my dog Moose. I dance. I paint. I follow the moon.
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