So. Hmm. Intere…

So. Hmm. Interesting post. Really? Hmm…. nope, don’t think I’ve got one.

INSTEAD. How about some RAMBLING? Not really interested? Pfft. Like I care.

SO. I have new faerie wands, which are incredibly awesome – predictably, no pictures, but trust me on the awesome. Made for me by the boyfriend-type-person, whom I am oddly disconnected from at this point because of a weirdly stressful conversation the last time I saw him. But whatever. That will need to sort itself out. In the meantime? House in the country on my own. Brilliant.   I am so very, very keen on and fond of my new house is the country, bushfire risk notwithstanding. And also uber-friendly supposedly “loner” neighbour notwithstanding too. He’s nice enough. But sheesh. Stop coming to my house and disregarding the fact that my dog is growling at you. Trust me on this. He is not “purring” at you. he wants to BITE you, and is holding back for my sake only. So don’t sneak in through the gate to surprise me. because I don’t like it, and you will get bitten one of these days. Just saying.


Okay so i don’t even have an interesting ramble going. Such is blog life. one day I will have the internet at my actual house and then these will get more interesting. And frequent. sure.

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Life is so weird, and I am so blessed. 

The girl who never thought she’d have friends OR be able to live on her own, is all grown up and a) living on her own in an awesome place and b) blessed with truly one of the greatest friends she has ever even imagined. 

Life’s good. 

Which doesn’t stop me being confused and lost, occasionally, of course – but that’s nothing new, and at least now I have a) the safe space to recharge myself in, and b) an amazingly supportive, comfortable friend to talk to. 

High five, folks. High five indeed.

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Out in the wilds with no internetz

Phew. Hardly time ever to post anything on here. It’s amazing how little time there is to blog when you only have access to the internet for mere hours a month, and also, when I procrastinate until the very last minute and then have to leave to drive ome and oops, forgot to blog anything. Oh well. I might have internet at my new house in the next few months and that would give me more time, but might also lessen my productivity level. Or improve it, so’s I can blog about my busy days. Hm. Toss up.

Anyway. After that waste of a perfectly good blog post, I am going to bed.


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Like a fox, i tell you.

Life’s good. Although the human factors are difficult. Have had someone staying for a week, which was lovely, for a bit, but eventually involved Serious Conversation, at which I sometimes suck completely, so… hmm. Toss up as to whether the visit went well or not. Back on my own for the next two weeks which I am really looking forward to.

Well, not completely on my own

**okay i tried to add a picture of my dog being SO CUTE here but it won’t let me so… meh. Use your imaginaaaaaation.**

In other, EXCELLENT news, I have my first stone fruit of the season – a peach, only just formed in the flower casing, but I can tell it’s a peach cause of the fuzz. All the other fruit trees (minus citrus and loquat) are still bare and dormant so this one flowering enthusiastically makes me smile SO BIG. I tell you, I am a complete utter dork about my garden. I can walk around grinning for hours at dirt and silverbeet and bits of wood that might be Potential Garden Edging. Good times. I might not paint the town red but I will grow this garden green, folks. Green like a fox.

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I’m back!

Just for a visit, seeing as I have a NEW HOUSE so this one isn’t home anymore. It still has the internetz though. Which my new house/home does not have. So. While I am here I thought I’d best update my adoring fans who will no doubt have been oh so worried about me stuck out in the middle of the forest all on my lonesome.

Conclusion: My new house is awesome. But you probably knew that already. EXCEPT for possums (I HOPE it’s a possum) that bangs and scrapes on the front door at 2am on my third night there and scared the bejeebers out of me. Since then it has contented itself with stamping angrily through the roof on occasion, and beating on bits of metal outside my bedroom window. It does not sound like a friendly possum/unidentified creature. But it is at least nto an axe murderer, so I am counting my blessings. Of which I have SO MANY. Birds being one. So many wee little wren birds being curious and friendly all about my garden. Rabbits being another. Lolloping about all over the place looking cute and staying entirely away from my vegetable garden.

My cupboards are awesome too, although a walk-in pantry would have been MORE awesome… onde day I will live in a house with a walk-in pantry. In the meantime,

makes me very happy.

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Frantically behind schedule. LeaviNG town today in a borrowed van. Wish me luck!

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One blog, two blogs, three blogs, four…

I’ve been working on a new blog. It’s going to be my “good” blog, you know, with pictures and informative posts and not so much personal expression. One that my mother can read 😀 Because she keeps asking me when I’m going to get a blog and i don’t have the heart to tell her I’ve had one for years but no way will she ever be allowed into my private headspace. Solution: Make a public space. Okay done.

Trouble is, now I have to be entertaining, and well written and use proper grammar and everything. It is So Much Effortz, because of course I second guess myself every single post and then usually don’t post it because it’s not Good Enough and so on. But anyway. My New House Adventures In Independence and Extreme Economy will he fascinating, I know, and possibly actually helpful to people who aren’t so rabidly frugal as I am so… I will persist. I will wait until it looks less like a half hearted hodgepodge of 2 or 3 posts before I let anybody see the link. Once I have like 6 or so half hearted hodgepodgy posts… that shoulds do it.

And then you can see my boring practical side. Ha. Alas for you.

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